I'm Jade, and I like to write and play music. I play guitar, piano, some bass, and I sing. I tried to play the drums once but it didn't go too well. Playing music has been a big part of my life since I was five, and I wrote a really simple song called 'flowers,' which was actually pretty terrible. But here we are now, and I'd say my stuff might be worth a listen.  Check it out if you want, I'd really appreciate it! xoxo - Jade 

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LIberosis by Jade Moynihan

LIberosis by Jade Moynihan

Liberosis is out now! Visit your favorite streaming service such as Apple Music or Spotify to access my music! Links to my artist page can be found under 'social'


EP Release Party: Check the gram @jjtitanic to watch the livestream at 3:45PM ET

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STREAM LIBEROSIS NOW!!!! STREAM: Breakup Song #1 and Anonymous now! Check out @jjtitanic on Instagram for some fun covers!